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Nineteenth Century Books on Linguistics

Edited by R. C. Alston

Linguistics is a comprehensive library of over 1,200 texts for the study of language in the nineteenth century. The contents of the collection have been carefully selected for their value to modern research. Grammars and dictionaries of European languages, intended as elementary text books, are excluded. Treatises which seek to explore what are now regarded as legitimate concerns by the various branches of linguistics, diachronic and synchronic, are included. Thus, the collection makes available a considerable corpus of texts on historical, comparative and theoretical grammar, phonetics, lexicography, semantics, and sociolinguistics, as well as descriptions of languages no longer extant. The progress of linguistics theory, as represented by works originally written in English or translated from other languages, is comprehensively documented.

Linguistics provides researchers in historical linguistic disciplines with a library of texts covering over five hundred languages and dialects, based on the unrivalled holdings of the British Library.

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